Banqueting Hall

Sumptuously laid table, dazzling white tablecloths, gorgeous and colorful modeled dishes, charming sounds of music, deft and courteous waiters ... Attractive picture, isn’t it?

It will look like a celebration banquet that you have decided to celebrate in the company of family, friends and acquaintances.

Any holiday held here - it is a really great event. And no matter what would be reason for the meeting you choose - you can be sure that this day will long time be remembered by all guests.

Banquet on an anniversary, birthday, corporate event, or perhaps, a theme party - a masquerade? How well, if it will be held in the charming atmosphere of the cozy hall.

And it necessary to take care of the wonderful treats for your guests ... We are pleased to offer you a menu of Greek, Italian, Spanish, French cuisine - those which you have never before tried.