Лонг Бар

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Элегантный Бар «Бильярдный зал» является идеальным местом для спокойных, неторопливых вечеров, дневного чая или расслабляющий игры в бильярд, с его широким выбором сигар, коньяков, виски, порто и уникальных конфет и сладостей в дополнение к различным редким видам алкоголя и коктейлей.


Banqueting Hall

Sumptuously laid table, dazzling white tablecloths, gorgeous and colorful modeled dishes, charming sounds of music, deft and courteous waiters ... Attractive picture, isn’t it?

It will look like a celebration banquet that you have decided to celebrate in the company of family, friends and acquaintances.

Any holiday held here - it is a really great event. And no matter what would be reason for the meeting you choose - you can be sure that this day will long time be remembered by all guests.



Fish house "panorama"

Cozy hall, great view, friendly atmosphere, modern design solution in high-tech style ... surely, all this is not enough for describing our restaurant in accurate way.

The restaurant's menu presents the national Azerbaijani cuisine and the new European food promoting the movement of tasty and healthy food. This is in harmony with the style of the restaurant and its wine list. In the restaurant, you can not only enjoy breakfast, spend time over lunch in a pleasant company, but also taste the delights of evening restaurant with a very original dishes and views of the sea.